Why These Star Wars Video Game Characters Embraced The Dark Side


In almost all the stories of star wars universe, the characters ultimately face the temptation to channel the dark side of the Force. Much of the conflict across star wars the story involves those who have embraced the power of the Dark Side and those who manage to never stray from the Light. Whether it’s a galactic war between the forces of good and evil or the story of an individual’s struggle with their emotions, star wars tends to base its stories around this central conflict.


There are as many paths to the Dark Side in star wars like there are Sith, each character going through their own unique descent embracing anger and hatred as fuel for their power. Some characters have been corrupted by the mind-altering abilities of the Sith Lords, turning once devout Jedi into belligerent traitors bent on conquering the galaxy. Others have embraced the dark side almost by accident in their quest to better understand the Force in all its aspects. It has also been shown that people can be practically coerced into dark side service through torture and manipulation.

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The Sith Emperor corrupts Revan and Malak from the Knights of the Old Republic

Revan and Malak of Knights of the Old Republic are famous for being the Sith Lords responsible for the Jedi Civil War, a conflict that resulted in terrible destruction across the galaxy as Jedi and Sith engaged in open conflict. At first, however, they were loyal Jedi Knights. Their fall to the dark side would begin with a conflict known as the Mandalorian Wars. The Mandalorian warrior culture has been manipulated by the hidden Sith to attack the Republic in a brutal war of conquest. The Jedi Order decided not to intervene, fearing that the Jedi’s transformation into soldiers would lead them to the dark side. Frustrated with inaction, Revan and Malak defied the Order and took up arms, leading an army of defiant Jedi and ultimately defeated the Mandalorians.

With the conflict over, Revan and Malak were determined to trace Sith influence over the Mandalorians back to its source. Traveling through the Unknown Regions, they encountered the true Sith Emperor, Vitiate, with an entire Sith Empire under his command. The incredibly powerful Emperor overpowered the minds of Revan and Malak, sending them back to Republic space as forward agents to prepare for a Sith invasion. Upon their return, they broke free from its influence and chose to form their own Sith Empire. Using the energies of the dark side of the forbidden dead world Malachor V, Revan converted an army of Jedi into his service and used the Star Forge to create a massive fleet. From then on, they would be known as Darth Revan and Darth Malak, Sith Lords.

Knights of the Old Republic 2’s Kreia sought a full understanding of the Force

Kreia is known to be the player’s enigmatic and mysterious mentor in Knights of the Old Republic 2. Kreia was initially a powerful and respected Jedi Master and historian of the Jedi Order. Through her meditations to uncover the secrets of the galaxy, she eventually lost her sight. She has trained many students over the years, challenging them with profound questions about the nature of power and the Force. Among his many students was the young Jedi who would come to be known as Revan, the future Dark Lord. After Revan left to fight in the Mandalorian Wars, Kreia was exiled from the Order because she had been the master of a disturbing number of fallen Jedi, including Revan.

Feeling that mastery of the Light Side of the Force and the Jedi Code was only one piece of the puzzle, Kreia began to explore contrasting philosophies. Kreia followed in the footsteps of her former apprentice Revan through the Mandalorian Wars, seeking a better understanding of the Force. This eventually led her to Malachor V and its corrupting influence as a connection to the power of the dark side. Unable to resist, Kreia fell completely into the dark side and became Darth Traya, Lord of Betrayal. Using Revan’s former stronghold, Trayus Academy on Malachor V, Darth Traya formed his own order of Sith. As Revan’s former master, the existing Sith willingly adopted her as their leader.

Traya would eventually face betrayal herself at the hands of her apprentices Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus, who usurped her position as Dark Lord. Once again she took the name Kreia and found a new path. Realizing that the Force was making her followers, Jedi and Sith, dependent slaves, Kreia believed that the only way to truly free the galaxy was to completely deafen it to the Force. Her hatred of the Force will lead her to Meetra Surik, the player character in Knights of the Old Republic 2. Hoping to use Surik’s unique position as a living wound in the Force, Kreia aimed to use Surik to create an even greater wound that would render the galaxy deaf to the Force and free all life from its tyrannical influence.

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The Tragic Fall of the Second Sister in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Inquisitorius

The Second Sister is the main antagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, before being named Second Sister of the Empire’s fearsome Jedi-hunting Inquisitor, Trilla Suduri was a promising Padawan of the Jedi Order. Under the guidance of her master Cere Junda, Trilla became a skilled lightsaber duelist with a promising future among the Jedi. Everything would change when the Emperor executed Order 66, instantly causing all clone troopers to kill their Jedi commanders in what would come to be known as the Great Jedi Purge. Trilla and Cere initially survived the purge, escaping with a group of youths. Discovered by an Imperial patrol, Master Junda attempted to lead the Imperials away from the youth despite Trilla’s insistence that they stay together. Unfortunately, Cere Junda was captured by the Imperials during the attempt.

Cere was tortured relentlessly by the Empire until she eventually broke up and abandoned the location of her apprentice and the youths. The Empire eventually captured Trilla thanks to information provided by her master. Trilla then embraced the Dark Side and became the Inquisitor’s Second Sister due to a combination of horrific torture and her master’s betrayal. As one of star wars‘ Inquisitors, Trilla would continue the cycle of capturing, torturing and converting among many other unfortunate Jedi, eventually leading to her pursuit of Cal Kestis in Jedi: Fallen Order. This would lead to his demise and redemption in the presence of his former master.

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