Worthplaying | ‘Cris Tales’ (ALL) reveals game characters, huge cast of voices

Experience a unique combination of branching stories, innovative combat, and classic RPG gameplay in Cris Tales’ thrilling and unforgettable exploration of how our actions resonate through time. Join the new time mage, Crisbell, and his fantastic companions in a fantastic world facing a dark future. The powerful Time Empress and her forces threaten a cataclysm shattering Crystallis and the other four kingdoms in the region.

To stop the Time Empress and rewrite the future of the land, you’ll embark on a grueling journey through the realms, meeting and recruiting powerful allies to aid you in the fight. Master their abilities and Crisbell’s unique time magic to defeat mighty enemies: send them back in time to face their weaker, younger selves; to the future where they succumbed to all the damage of a poison applied in the present; or create your own strategies in this one of a kind combat system. Your choices in this world will have far-reaching consequences for everyone you meet. Look into the past, act in the present, and watch your choices dynamically change the future, all on one screen as you play!

Modus Games has revealed an all-new trailer for Cris Tales that showcases an array of allies that protagonist Crisbell will meet on her time journey.

Today’s video introduces us to Crisbell, a newly awakened time mage who begins to learn to harness her powers. The other characters highlighted are the allies Willhelm, the voice of reason in the group, Chrisopher, Zas and JKR-721, a handgun combat robot. Of course, one cannot forget Matias, a wonderfully reliable talking frog!

Of course, there are a lot of interesting characters in the game that we couldn’t fit into such a short trailer. We are happy to announce the main cast of talents who have so graciously worked with us to bring the world of Cris Tales to life, from Narim to St. Clarity and beyond!

Lots, lots of other people will also be lending their voices to a number of characters that we can’t reveal to you just yet, but here is the main cast of the people whose voices you will hear giving you quests, selling you their wares, and depending. usually about you for making a difference in their world! Most of these talented actors in the lists below also lend their voices to a variety of other minor characters.

Kira Buckland in the role of Crisbell, a newly awakened time mage.

Other roles: 2B – NeiR: Automata | 2B, Talim – Soul Calibur VI | Falke – Street Fighter V | Hiyoko Saionji, Kirumi Toji – Danganronpa Series

Cris Bell is the main character of Cris Tales. She’s a young orphan with a slim figure who ignores her latent powers as a time mage, until Matias the Frog helps her unlock her abilities. She is able to see into the past and the future, and can interact with both to change the present.

Cody rock in the role of Matias, a friendly talking frog.

Matias is a little orange talking frog with a black top hat who meets Cris Bell at the start of the game. After stealing a rose from the garden Cris Bell maintains, he leads her to the cathedral where she discovers Crystals of Time. granting the power to control time. He will help his group in various ways throughout the game.

Lindsey Vega in the role of Willhelm, the magus child.

Other roles: Zoe Avila – Ghostrunner

Wilhelm is the Crisbell magic teacher you will meet at the start of the game. He looks like a child, but has a pretty remarkable level of skill and experience. He tends to be a bit sarcastic. He is well known in the town of Neva Tulira and is friends with many members of the Oroitz family, the most powerful family there.

Zeno Robinson in the role of Christophe, a combat mage from St. Clarity.

Other roles: Deidoro Sakaki – My hero university | Squares – Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 | The Subway – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Christopher is a brave and heroic warrior mage who helps defend the kingdom of Narim from goblins. He fights with double gauntlets which can be joined together to create a shield to defend against enemy attacks. Her magical abilities allow her to ward off various elemental attacks such as fire and water which can be enhanced by Cris Bell’s temporal powers.

Lizzie freeman in the role of Zas, a young nomad living in Cinder.

Other roles: Trish Una – Jojo’s bizarre adventure | Cardinal – Sword art online | Thrasir, Larcei – Fire Emblem Heroes | Lily – Lost Dragalia

Zas is upbeat, outgoing, and a bit of a wild card. Cris Bell’s group will meet her when she arrives in Cinder’s Realm, where she will help the team with their explosive tool set. She is instantly recognizable by her athletic build, dark clothes and large green bag.

Mills of Daman in the role of JKR-721, the android that protects Rainbow Lake.

Other roles: Frieza – Dragon ball fighterz | Titus – Borderlands 3 | NOT- Pokémon Masters | Gallé – Fire Emblem Heroes | Lionheart – RWBY | Mustard – My hero university

JKR-721, also known as K, is a mechanical android designed to fight. His armor gives him the ability to charge and attack quickly with a series of electric attacks, assisted by a jetpack hidden under his cloak. He shows a real curiosity for the world, and will join Cris Bell in his adventure.

While these are some of the main characters you’ll meet, since Cris Tales is voiced entirely in English, we also have a huge group of amazing voice actors lending their talents to make this game a reality. Check them out below!

Suzie yeng like various characters
Sean Chiplock like various characters
Jenny yokobori as Kari Hudo
Cassie Ewulu like Lucie
Sarah thomas like Fenia
Rhiannon moushall like Assan
Christina kelly like Lau
Lindsay Shepherd like Rysa and Nasar
Adin rudd like Lucio
Michael kovach like Azufra
Farah rishi like Orola
Dawn Mr. Bennet like Rhallus
Tamara ryan like Gladys
Laila Berzins like Buki
Marissa Lenti like Sophie
Dani Chambers like adri
Kamran nikhad like Enzo
Nathalie van Sixtine as Mother Superior
Tyler carson like Armando
Tiana Camacho like Galerius and June
Meredit Sims like Volcano and Paulina
Vincent Fallow as farmer Robert

There are dozens of characters you’ll meet in Cris Tales, so unfortunately we’re not able to list them all here. Special thanks to Kira Buckland for her help in finding and character casting for this great adventure.

Tales of Cries arrives on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia, and PC (Steam) in July 2021.

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