Young people play online games for more than just a source of income


Varun James is an avid online gamer who is now interested in it professionally. He started playing during the days when video games were all the rage, slowly but steadily moving to a Play Station. Now he is a professional PC gamer actively playing on a “Defense of the Ancients” Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), also known as “DOTA 2”, and earns between Rs 20,000 and Rs 50,000. per month depending on the tournaments he plays.

“The game has been my passion and I represent Hyderabad when we play internationally. And the game has helped me a lot to travel as a team, ”says Varun enthusiastically. “However, the esports industry in India continues to grow, with fewer tournaments here than on international platforms.”

It was an interest in multiplayer online games, which also led Vivek Sampara, a 32-year-old CTO at Really Singapore, to play “DOTA 2”, although he was not a gamer. professional like Varun. “I’ve been playing it since I was 14 and I really enjoy playing it, whether it’s on a console or a PC. Although I don’t play it professionally and it is only a secondary skill that I have, which is more like an after-work stress reliever, I play two to three games a day and a little more on the weekends. -end, ”Vivek explains. He thinks some of the best things about gambling are making friends and going out to a gambling cafe to play games and relax.

Games people play

Girls are just as enthusiastic about online games as boys. Mizba Shaikh, who plays “DOTA”, “DOTA2”, “Cs Go”, “Pub” and “Don’t Starve Together”, among others, is not a professional player. She says it’s not only fun, but it made her mind sharper.
“Tackling tasks in the game helped sharpen my mind,” Mizba said. “I love the way we get to work together as a team while playing a game. The strategies and brainstorming while playing these games definitely add to the kick.

She says the game also makes her feel more free. “I stay up late at night playing these games … probably also why I have dark circles on my face,” Mizba said with a chuckle.

Lockdown has allowed players to step up their game as they now have more free time to play often. Dileep Reddy, who has casually played PubG for a year, only really adopted him during the lockdown. “Now I’m crazy about this game and can’t get enough of it,” Dileep tells us, betraying a hint of guilt. “I also improved my playing skills.”

Back to basics

Even the games some of us played indoors as children are now live. Ludo, a game loved by everyone since their childhood, has found many takers since the online game‘s launch. Ludo King, which has recorded over a million downloads since the lockdown began, is still a trending game online. Playing Ludo King brought back the “good old days” to Navin Pivhal. “Multiplayer gaming is fun to play with friends and family,” says Navin, wishing more nostalgic indoor games were available online.

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